You need the Spleen!

Dear Human Body Systems Cooperation,

I am the spleen and I have heard that due to cost increases you are planning to fire certain workers. I am therefore writing to convince you that the spleen’s job is essential in the function of the body.

I am located in the upper far left part of the abdomen, to the left of the stomach. I work as a part of the lymphatic system and I also contribute to the immune system. In the lymphatic system are also the thymus, the tonsils, the appendix, payer’s patches, lymphocytes and the intraepithelial lymphocytes. In the immune system I work with bone marrow, the thymus gland, lymph nodes, adenoids and tonsils. There are also many different types of cells working in the immune system.

I the Spleen, actually play multiple roles in the human body but primarily am a blood filter and assist in the functioning of red blood cells. I not only remove old blood cells, I also am able to store up to one cup of blood cells that can be released when necessary. At the same time, I store about 25% of the body’s total lymphocytes as well as platelets, monocytes and other elements of the human body. All these things that are stored inside the spleen get released when the body is in need of them for example, to fight a disease.

When blood flows into the spleen through the splenic artery, it then is filtered and deformed or unhealthy blood cells are taken out of circulation and broken down by macrophages, which are large white blood cells made for this exact purpose. When broken down, the spleen extracts things like iron from the cells which is then transported into bone marrow.

Although it is possible to surgically remove me from the body and still live, my absence could result in severe health problems later in life, such as, modest increases in the circulation of white blood cells and platelets, failed reactions to some vaccines, increased vulnerability to infections caused by bacteria and protozoa and higher chances of diseases. I hope you take all this under consideration and choose not to fire me, as you can now see that I contribute a great deal to the functioning of the human body.


The Spleen

The Human Body Corporation


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