I am the great appendix

Dear Human Body System,

I represent the appendix and I am writing this letter to the Human Body System to prove that the Appendix should be kept alive. Attached to the end of the large intestine a narrow tube named the appendix, is located. The size of the appendix is around the size of a human’s longest finger.

About thousands years ago, the men’s digestive system have had the appendix to served a purpose to break down eucalyptus leaves. Appendix is a part of the digestive system, which is a safe home for beneficial gut bacteria. The gut flora could retreat to safety at the appendix when dangerous microbes gain the upper of the gut for attack. When a cholera infections attacks the gut, the beneficial bacteria deplete from the appendix to support recovery.

Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) is a dangerous gut infection which is encountered often in hospitals caused by prolonged courses of antibiotics. If the appendix is removed the gut is most likely to have a recurrence of C. diff., as the appendix beneficial bacterias aren’t able to provide help when infections occur.

In the past, it was believed that the appendix had no function and it was routinely removed at any possibility, to not cause any later attacks of appendicitis. But today the appendix is saved for later reconstructive surgery. For example, the appendix can be reconstructed into a replacement bladder when the urinary bladder is removed from the human body. From now the appendix is not regarded as non functional organ but regarded as a very important “back up” system.

The appendix is safe home for the bacteria in the guts and used in reconstructive surgical techniques. The Human Body System should keep this organ to help gut. If the appendix does gets inflamed and is needed to be removed by surgery, it is not life threatening.


Representative of the Appendix

The Human Body Corporation


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