Skin is The Most Important Organ

Dear, Human Body Systems Corportion,

My name is skin; I am an amazing human body organ. I have recently heard that you are having a price increase and need to fire some of the human body organs. I am writing this letter to tell you that the skin is one of the most important organs in the human body. It’s located all around us protecting the inside of our body from the dangerous outside world. The system that I work with the most is the immune system. I work with the immune system by keeping out diseases. Without skin working with the immune system you would be welcomed to a ton of disease that usually wouldn’t even come close to your body.

The main functions that I do to help the human body is first that I protect it from the disgusting disease filled outside world. I also protect the human body from UV sun damage and radiation damage. I also protect the body from mechanical trauma, dehydration, and microorganisms.

I help the body know when there is pain sort of like my friend the brain. I also help then know when they feel cold or hot or feel pressure. The way I do this is by using somatic sensory receptors. Another function that I do to help the human body is temperature regelation. I skin help the human body know when it’s hot or cold from what I feel in the outside. I am one of the only organs that have access to the outside world and aren’t locked up.

I also destroy many micro-organisms that try to get into the skin with the help of my loved the immune system. I release many liquid wastes from the human body.

You shouldn’t fire me as an organ because without me the whole human body will be filled with diseases. The human body most likely won’t last without skin because to many micro-organisms and bacteria will kill the body right as I come off. Sort of like when you get a cut or scrape it can easily become infected from all the micro-organisms and bacteria that seep into the open wound. This will happen to the whole body if you get rid of me.

If the human body didn’t have me, blood and other fluids would be oozing out constantly. I am a very strong barrier. I stop about 90 percent of bacteria and diseases form getting into the system. Also since the seat that we produce evaporates many other liquids like blood natural oils etc.

These are all of my important reasons why I (Skin) shouldn’t be fired from the human body. Please take all of my reasons into perspectives.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


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