About golfers’ muscles

This post is borrowed from Instagram and Golfsthetic. I find it very instructive. If you prefer to read Swedish translation, use ”Transläte blog” at the top of this page.

The author says:

I find it laughable that people think golfers don’t need to have a great fitness regimen!

If you take a look at this you will see all of the muscles that go into a golf swing! I believe that all of these muscles need to be properly trained to improve the golf game, but there are a couple that I want to talk about today. The Outer hip/glutes, the lats/mid back, and the abdominals!

The outer hip and glutes need to be trained to help you create ground force, rotation, and drive through the impact of the ball! These muscles can be trained through squats, lunges, and tons of other great exercises, but one that I like the most is lateral squat jumps! This helps to create explosion and does so in a way that mimics the motion of driving through impact in a golf swing!

The lats/mid back are crucial and often times underdeveloped in a golfers swing, think about as you’re coming down to impact the ball, feel that in your lats? The lats help create the power headed towards the ball, and the mid back helps to keep you stable at a level axis as you complete the swing! My favorite lift for the lats in a golf swing is the cross body single arm lat pull down!

Finally the core! I think this is one everyone sees as important in the golf swing, but I want to bring attention to it! The core helps not only your power in the rotation, but also helps with the balance in your swing to keep you on plane, and allows you to stay consistently in the fairway!

Good luck with your training.


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